Relapse the game

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Available for: iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

A challenging board game for all ages

Relapse is a fun 2-player strategy board game! Simple rules make it ideal for all ages. In this unique and challenging game the pieces always remain on the board.

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The Game

Relapse is a 2-player board game where playing pieces are captured, but not removed from the playing board and there is no rolling of the dice – not a game of chance. Relapse allows players the freedom to take control of movement with their own patterns of selective reasoning. Each player brings their own style and determination which makes each playing experience unique. Enjoy!


To begin playing this wonderful 2-player board game, designed for all ages, visit the Apple App Store. Search for "Relapse Game" and download it. To play against others across the globe, click on "Network Game" from the Relapse main menu, this displays the Game Center window. In the upper, right-hand corner, click the "+" and then click "Play Now". To begin a game, move a red playing piece.

The Inventor

Jeffery A. Krueger was born and raised in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. He is an accomplished electric motor winder, and tool-maker engineer. Mr. Krueger desired a two-player board game in a pure abstract form for people to express their own freedom of movement against an opponent. To meet his need, he spent years crafting and evolving the Relapse board game you can play today. Enjoy!